Standing up for those without a voice, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and to spread awareness of farm animals in need

What we do at the Sanctuary


We rescue all sorts of farm animals from abuse, neglect or because their previous owners are not able to take care of them anymore. We have ducks, alpacas, cows, horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, sheep and many other farm animals waiting for you to love them like we do.


Some of our animals come to us in need of emotional care as well as medical care. We provide what the individual animal needs including specialist veterinarians for each breed of animal, a great farrier, a super team of volunteers and trainers. We provide individual daily love, massages, training and play time, as well as home baked cookies, and healthy veggie snacks.


One of the most important aspects of the Sanctuary is to have all of our rescued animals adopted into a caring and loving home of their own.  We match the needs of the the rescued animal to the abilities of the individual who is adopting.  If you have time, love, space please contact us on our adoptions.

The Sanctuary depends on your donations. Our animals need your help!

Our operating costs are approximately $5,000 per month to support our animals. Costs include basic food and shelter, and many of our animals, given their history, are in need of specialty feeds, surgeries, and equipment. Every penny counts. We need your support in the form of either a one-time donation or a monthly contribution.





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Yay scouts! Way to go boys!

Alex here this afternoon getting relief from her Autism through snugging Smokey the rooster, and Gagan who has Down Syndrome here to gain strength in her arms and being proud of her abilities in helping to feed horses today. Our animals here can bring peace to ones mind and heart regardless of the situation or frame of mind each individual is experiencing. . There is something that is somewhat magical about how they help people just by being themselves. And for me, to see the smiles and comfort these animals bring and the love they receive from these special people fills my heart Image attachment


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Smokey has my ❤️. He is the sweetest! I am crazy about him.

Someones little mouth is all better!


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Yay bun!!!!! She’s so pretty!

She looks so happy and content 💕

Omgosh!!! Looks sooo much better:)❤️

Such a beautiful bunny!

Absolutely precious!

What a doll 😍

Woo hoo!!

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